Alton Towers Engagement Shoot (Part 1)

I’m writing this blog post from a BMW M3 cruising up the M5 at daft o’clock in the morning.

My companions for the day are a great couple, Jamie & Jenny who I’ve known for ages and who are getting married at the awesome Deer Park, near Honiton in June next year and Aaron driving his tidy M3, not forgetting the yeti giving directions ??? (don’t ask!).

When our couples book their wedding photography we ask them where they would like their Engagement Shoot. We say to try and pick somewhere that’s special to them both, somewhere they go frequently or maybe where they got engaged even so the photos mean more to them.

When it came to Jamie & Jenny they knew fairly instantly where they wanted to do their engagement shoot and with me loving Roller Coasters, it took me an equal amount of time to say YES!

What a laugh! Alton Towers!! WOW!  Jamie asked Jenny to marry him at the park last November after getting the park involved with a VIP experience and a big banner!

So what cameras do you take to a theme park for photos and a bit of video? One of my first questions was: “do they have lockers?” Yes. Great, means I can take a tripod and leave it in one just incase which saves me having to go back to the car to get it should I need it.

The rest of the kit needed to fit in my most comfy backpack I have, Lowepro Fastpack 250, and still not be obscenely heavy for a full day at the park. Jamie & Jenny, whilst wanting photos around the park mainly just wanted to go somewhere they love and wanted nice photos to document the day around the park and of the huge firework display Alton Towers put on for Bonfire Night.

Our ethos for all our wedding photography is casual and informal yet remaining professional but this was going to take “casual” and “informal” to a new level!

I wanted a big camera for formal photos and then a smaller, more subtle, walk-around camera for a lot of the other theme park photos to document the day for them. I finally decided on a Canon 5D Mark III, Sony Nex-3n and a GoPro Hero 4 black and a couple lenses, my go to all rounder; Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L, my trusty 17-35mm f/2.8L and Canon 15mm f2.8USM fisheye (because, honestly, it’s so small and awesome if I didn’t take it I’d be gutted if I wanted go use it) aswell as flashgun, travel tripod, mini gorilla pod, batteries and GoPro accessories.

Here’s what I decided to take (minus the accessories).

We’re nearly at Alton Towers so I’ll post up Part 2 once I’ve got the photos edited! EXCITED !!


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