Travel Photography | Iceland, March 2016

Travel Photography | Iceland, March 2016 

Honestly, there’s too much to write about the amazing country of Iceland! I wanted this post to be about the photos so here’s the bare information! Continue reading »

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SUPERCARS! Drive Southwest – Hire Day

Lamborghini Gallardo, v12, v8, turbo, mp4-12c, california, supercar, fast, fun, laugh, love, lad, kid, men, red blooded, male, No, this isn’t some clickbait like you see on a lot of websites…THIS is the real thing! As the title says….SUPERCARS!

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The Pawlett Manor Reunion @ The Black Swan, Bristol

The Pawlett Manor Reunion @ The Black Swan, Bristol

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Friday 24th Feb 2017 is a date that is going to go down in a lot of people’s books as an EPIC night! For those of you who don’t know what The Pawlett Manor was there is plenty of information online but suffice to say it was hedonistic central for many southwest youths in the 90s. Literally, car loads would come from all over the southwest to this dark den of underground dance music from Techno to HardHouse, Hard Trance to NRG and Happy Hardcore. Continue reading »

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3 Days in The Lake District

In October 2016 we had a rare long weekend for family time and headed up to The Lake District. We’ve been wanting to visit this area of the country for a few years and we will 100% be going back for longer as soon as we can. Matilda absolutely LOVED all the walking and scrambling up the rocks. You can see some more of the trip photos on the Facebook page here. The Lake District is outrageously beautiful. If you’ve never been, and like the look of it, just book a Cottage like we did through Skye Cottages

The cottage was perfect and, even though it was actually situated just outside of Cumbria, in the Yorkshire Dales (also beautiful) it was an easy distance each day to drive and as a travel tip, was a LOT cheaper than staying in the actual Lake District.

All of the photographs below are available in Standard Print, Poster and Canvas Print. Please email for prices,

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Crummock Water 2, The Lake District

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Retro Camera Additions | Chinon CM-4s & Halina 3000

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I love old, retro, vintage (whatever you want to call them) cameras. They hark back to a time when photography was more coveted than it is today I think. What I mean is, these days anyone can take a very decent photograph on a smartphone (I know this as I took these photos in this blogpost on my iPhone 7 (haters gonna hate). And No, calm down, of course this doesn’t necessarily make everyone a “photographer”. My point is it’s MUCH more accessible these days and you don’t even have to think how to take a photo. I also like to think about what sort of “things” – subjects, people, epic historical events, these cameras might have seen (slowly drifts into daydream land…), the history they documented for their previous owners…especially some of the REALLY old ones (oldest on the blog is here, but I have some folding pocket cameras dating back to the 1890s). Continue reading »

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My first foray into Medium Format…

My first foray into Medium Format…

…was ages ago, 2015, I think, when I got this retro beauty off ebay. I ran a 120mm film through it and guess what, it’s sat in a draw ready to be developed since as I have to keep remembering to send it off to get done! BUT I WILL, 2017 is THE year!

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NEW Year. NEW App!

NEW app

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !! We’ve gone a bit mad for JANUARY with the release of our NEW App!!

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Alton Towers Engagement Shoot Part 2

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We arrived at Alton Towers, got our tickets and queued up with the rest of the early birds to wait for the park to open. Even though the weather was pretty cold, we were all excited! Not only do I get to take photos and document Jenny & Jamie’s Theme Park day but I LOVE roller coasters and I hadn’t been to one for a good few years – Emily isn’t a fan of them so I just hadn’t been to one for ages! For me, roller coasters are awesome. The more insane the better!  The ones that most people look at and think “Ha! No Chance!” are the ones I’m first in the queue for. On top of the roller coasters was the Ultimate Firework Spectacular that evening which was set to be the biggest display the Resort had ever done!

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Alton Towers Engagement Shoot (Part 1)

I’m writing this blog post from a BMW M3 cruising up the M5 at daft o’clock in the morning.

My companions for the day are a great couple, Jamie & Jenny who I’ve known for ages and who are getting married at the awesome Deer Park, near Honiton in June next year and Aaron driving his tidy M3, not forgetting the yeti giving directions ??? (don’t ask!). Continue reading »

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Somerset’s Award Winning Wedding Photographers

Wedding Awards

The results for 2015 have actually been out for some time now (6 – 8 months or so I think)  but because we’ve been so busy with all the weddings, portraits, travelling to and fro and other commercial work, last season and this season have pretty much melded together and we’ve not been able to put anything into words. Continue reading »

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