Branded USB Flashdrives and Presentation Boxes

Branded USB Flashdrives and Presentation Boxes

USB FlashDrive Photography by Justin and Emily - somerset wedding photographers-5 We LOVE our brand new company branded USB flashdrives and presentation boxes and hope you do too! We’ve developed these primarily for our Award Winning Wedding Photography but they can also be available for Portrait Shoots if requested in advance.


Aside from our company branding and the styling, which we really feel suits what we do, the jump to supplying our full-resolution wedding photography on USB flashdrive was for a couple technical reasons – feel free to skip to the photos if you’re bored by techie jargon 😉 .

Somerset based UK and destination wedding photographers. photography with full frame canon 5d mark 3 mkIII mk iii 6d 24-70 L series prime • Due to the upgrade of our camera equipment (multiple full-frame Canon cameras – 5D Mark III’s & Canon 6D) the file sizes of our full resolution photography has gotten to the point where we simply couldn’t fit all the photography on the 4.7gb available on DVD discs sometimes.

• Some computers/laptops don’t have optical drives included and whilst we know some couples view their wedding photographs via their DVD Player/Xbox/Playstation etc on their TVs these media devices also have USB slots so it makes sense all round.

Branded USB Flashdrives & Presentation Boxes - Somerset, International, Destination Wedding & Portrait Photographers • Most new TVs also have USB slots also so you can bypass the dvd player option altogether.

• Quicker to load the photographs on flash memory.

• Research shows more and more people using mobile devices more regularly. The ability to load your wedding photographs on to (most) tablets/smart phones to share them with friends and family is easier as you can simply plug the USB flashdrive into your tablet via the correct adaptor (if it has OTG capabilities – which most do).

Additionally, if any of our previous wedding couples would like one of our branded USB flashdrives and presentation boxes for their wedding photographs they are available to you at cost price. Please get in touch as soon as possible.


t: +44 (0) 7737 731 101


Award Winning U & Destination Wedding & Portrait Photography by Justin & Emily

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