Bump to Baby Home Shoot (Maternity to Newborn)

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In the first quarter of this year we had to vacate our studio space in the beautiful Currypool Orchard. We were heartbroken but if we were honest with ourselves we knew the day would eventually come. We had been there on borrowed time as it was and the owners had been fantastic – it only ever was supposed to be temporay as the owners wanted to develope it into holiday homes or rooms to let eventually, but we fell in love with the location none the less…

We had sold a number of vouchers for shoots for Christmas presents in 2016 from Bump to Baby Shoots to Family Portraits to Gift Vouchers for couples who have their wedding photography booked with us (Yes, that’s a thing! You can help a couple with their wedding photography with a voucher if you wish!). When we left the studio we had to have, what we thought might be, awkward conversations with the customers when they got in touch to book their shoots. Luckily all of our customers were very understanding, supportive and were excited to pick their own locations.  Adam had purchased a Bump to Baby Voucher for his wife, Kirsty from himself and their daughter, Mae. They chose to have the shoots around their home and grounds at their fishing lake business, the stunning Burton Fishery. If you’re into fishing, seriously, go and have a look!

Anyhow, on to the photos! If you have any questions or want to enquire for a shoot yourself, we look forward to hearing from you! hi@justinkrause.co.uk


We hope you love what you see! If you’d like to book a Bump to Baby Shoot or any other packages including our Watch Them Grow package, we can still do these on location wherever you would like to go – or we can suggest somewhere suitable.


Justin & Emily (and Matilda – who wanted to help with the newborn shoot and also kept Mae entertained whilst we were doing Evie’s photos).

Matilda helping out Matilda helping out

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