Camera equipment for the Lapland Trip

We had to decide what camera equipment for the Lapland Trip we needed. Obviously a bit of a photographic opportunity which couldn’t be wasted but what should we take that will cope with the temperatures over there?


I did a bit of research as to what the operating temps for the equipment we had was and knowing that the 6D and the 60D are both weather sealed I opted to not take the 5D Mark2 mainly because its such a flipping heavy camera and weight was an issue. I also opted NOT to take a few of the lenses we
take to shoot weddings but I also didn’t want to miss anything so had to pack the 70-200mm….and the 500mm mirror lens and the x2 teleconvertor….just in case…. (plus that’s super light compared the other lenses.) but I soon got bored of reading up on specs and decided to call my friend Si who went to Tromso in Norway with a couple other friends last year with their Canon 60Ds and kit lenses and they were all fine and Tromso is a lot higher than Enontekio where we are going. They had no issues with anything freezing or not working so we should be ok…(famous last words).

The 6D, sure, that’s a great camera with built in GPS and this sort of trip into the wilderness is EXACTLY the reason I personally wanted to buy one (and yes the GPS does smash through batteries, but that’s the reason for taking 5 spares!).  But why the 60D over the 5D2 I hear some of you saying…?   For video of course! Have you used the 60D for video? It’s awesome and easy to use AND has that epic flip out screen.

TOP Left to Right

* Nightsearcher mini LED Torch

Photography by Justin and Emily Krause studio in Bridgwater Somerset - Lapland trip december 2013 * Nightsearcher Commander LED Torch (got 2 bags not in the shot so need a torch – just in case –  for each bag and these are incredible little units!)

* Canon 28mm f/1.8 USM Prime

* Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM Prime

* Canon 17-40mm f/4L (Thanks to Alex from AF Imaging for the loan)

* Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L

* Canon 70-200mm f/4L


Lots of batteries.

* Spare battery for Nightsearcher Commander torch

* 4 spare AAs 4 already in the flashgun

* 5 Spare Canon LP-E6 Batteries for the cameras. 1 in each camera already.


BOTTOM Left to Right

* Rocket Blower – AMAZING! worth its weight in gold.

* Canon 430II flashgun

* Canon 6D

* Canon 60D

* Vivitar 500m m42 fitment with EF to m42 adaptor and x2 teleconverter attached making it 1000mm.

* Gorillapod – AMAZING!

BAGS – Manfrotto Stile Veloce VII & Lowepro Fastpack 250

In the bag already is an already dismantled tripod.


Can’t wait to get there now!! 4:30am wake up to get to Bristol Airport and it’s nearly 2am now… I best get some sleep!

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