Drive Southwest VIP Supercars Day

These are my photos from the Drive Southwest VIP Day which was shot in collaboration with Alex from A.F. Imaging.

Drive Southwest VIP Day - Justin Krause Photography-99

So the day started pretty early as Alex and I had to be at Haynes Motor Museum before the supercars turned up. After the guests arrived we had coffee, teas and bacon sandwiches laid on at Haynes where we had the briefing. The guests got assigned their first cars and we headed out, swapping throughout the route from Haynes to Torquay for a lovely lunch aboard a stunning yacht, The Triple Seven 777, to Dartmoor and back to Haynes.

Aston Martin DB9, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Ferrari F430, Porsche 911 Turbo and the NEW Nissan Skyline. Too much to talk about and each of these cars would look lovely sat on my driveway… day…maybe….never….I’ll leave you with these couple of lines and let you get on with the drooling!

Most surprising: Nissan Skyline…jeeeeez….a Japanese fusion of stupid quick and epic tech creating something that was amazing to drive normally and absolutely ruddy mental when the right pedal got buried. I knew the others would be quick…but did I ever think a Nissan would be as quick or quicker than a supercar?…NOPE!

Best Noise: Hands down the Ferrari F430….and snapped necks quicker than Chuck Norris on scrumpy.



Stop dreaming and go and hire one for the day or weekend… Not as expensive as you might think. Drive Southwest !!!

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