Food Photography

Food Photography from award winning commercial photographers. From Hotels to Pubs to Wedding Venues and Private Caterers. Get in touch for our rates.


We’ve found most businesses like everything all in one. It’s the easiest option which means less time looking at packages, deciding…and more time doing what you really need to be doing! For this reason you get everything you need from us in one flat hourly rate which includes:

• Photographers time per hour agreed.

• Editing.

• Travel within the Bridgwater, Somerset area. Travel @ £0.45/mile outside.

• Unlimited Printing/sharing license for all edited images in full resolution in colour with a selection, where necessary, in black and white.

• Download link for you keep yourself and/or forward to your website developers.

This is the ideal solution for businesses who have another party doing their web design as you can simply forward the download link to them too where they can resize and upload to your website where necessary.  The only thing you may like afterwards might be a our Canvas or Framed prints rates for some new Wall Art in your premises. For our current hourly rate please email:

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