Glastonbury Festival 2014

Glastonbury Festival 2014

Sunday Glastonbury Festival 2014 | Copyright of Justin Krause-85

Sunset over The Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury Festival 2014, Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset.

My first Glastonbury Festival! I didn’t know what to expect to be honest. I heard it was awesome and there was so much to see! But wasn’t expecting it to be the scale it is! So much to see that even if the festival didn’t change in the course of 5 years you’d still not experience everything I doubt! Also nobody tells you that you go to Glastonbury Festival to get fit! I walked around 15miles on one day according to the Strava app on my phone!

De La Soul….one word…. AWESOME!  … They’ve been going for a long time and they were SLICK! Great interaction with the crowd and great banter (the security guy, for anyone who was there…too funny!). Watch it back on iPlayer if you get the chance! So good! I’ve been a fan of theirs since I got into hiphop back in secondary school. Other highlights include Jus Now on Thursday night playing possibly one of the funnest, carnival, soca, party bass sets in the Babylon Uprising Market Soundsystem Stage (our good friends from theBRSS) – a smaller but possibly my favourite stage that I also had the blessing of playing on on the Friday afternoon. Also saw Dreadzone and The Dub Pistols at The Glade, DJ EZ at Arcadia and much more!

Anyway, enough typing…check out some photos (click any image to enlarge to the gallery).  To View the shots I’ve picked for Wall Art (Canvas & Poster Prints, click here)

We had a wedding to shoot all day on the Saturday so I left the festival on Friday evening. I fully intended to get back in time for Metallica after the wedding on Saturday but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to get changed, backup the photographs from the wedding, get back to Pilton, stomp the 1.5miles from the gate to The Pyramid and enjoy their set. So watched them courtesy of the BBC and went back on Sunday morning.

Dolly Parton, Ed Sheeran, MORE Babylon Uprising partying, Kasabian and much more but the best of the day for me was The Wailers. Anyone who knows me knows I love reggae. Yes, it was a predictable set but it was awesome to see them live…even if only one remaining original member (bassist Aston “Family Man” Barrett ) was on stage…it didn’t matter. One Love!

I also filmed a lot on a small video camera which got edited together.


To View the shots I’ve picked for Wall Art (Canvas & Poster Prints, click here)

Would I go back to Glastonbury Festival again?

Try and stop me! EPIC!!

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