Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

Being a proud half-American, Halloween is ingrained in me and  WE LOVE IT!!

For Halloween 2013 we thought we’d do FREE Shoots for anyone in fancy dress! We originally were going to have the studio as “open door” where people could just come in without booking a slot but instead opted to have booked in times for ease and management.  Emily was in charge of the shoots shooting with our Canon 6D tethered wirelessly to our Macbook which meant I could then edit the shots as they came into the computer. Streamlined and speedy! #TEAMWORK!

To give it that extra Halloweeny feel we decorated the reception and studio with cobwebs and red LED and UV lighting and of course PUMPKINS! We also opted to shoot exclusively on our black backdrop to really differentiate from our regular portraits to give it it’s own identity so that the families who came will talk about it with their friends and so make it bigger for next year! Even with a couple cancellations (more sweets for us!) we had a massively fun and successful day with some great costumes!

Witches, Pumpkins, Zombies, Skeletons, Bats, Cat’s and Fairies! We had our fair share of magical, mystical, ghoulish and just darn CUTE visitors!!

AbbyHalloween-13.jpgAbbyHalloween-27.jpgAbbyHalloween-7.jpgFaith, Esmay & Lydia-13.jpgFaith, Esmay & Lydia-20.jpgFaith, Esmay & Lydia-27.jpgFaith, Esmay & Lydia.jpgKobe & Luccian-1.jpgKobe & Luccian-13.jpgKobe & Luccian-18.jpgKobe & Luccian-34.jpgOliver, Maisey & Jaxson-12.jpgOliver, Maisey & Jaxson-13.jpgOliver, Maisey & Jaxson-19.jpgOliver, Maisey & Jaxson-26.jpgOliver, Maisey & Jaxson-9.jpg

In the great words of Miranda’s mother;  “SUCH FUN!”

You can see the full shoots on our main page here.

See you all for next years HALLOWEEN !! We’re going to make it BIGGER, BETTER …SPOOKTACULAR and we can’t wait !

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