Happy 30th Birthday to the Mac

Happy 30th Birthday to the Mac  !


Waaaaaaay back in 1948 George Orwell was just about finishing a dystopian novel about life in 1984. Thankfully, it was a bit different to what actually happened in 1984 (GREAT book though!).

Amongst the many good and dreadful things that did happened in 1984, Apple   launched the Macintosh Computer on 24th January in the USA and in no shadow of a doubt not only changed the computing world but changed the way millions of people do things in their everyday lives.  Even for the most die-hard Windows or Linux user you can’t help but admire what Steve Jobs & Co. did and what Apple continue to do.

Apple Mac 30th Birthday then and now 1984-2014 It wasn’t too long ago that I myself was so anti-Apple. I’m not even sure why. I just don’t like change I guess. It was only because I didn’t have any Apple products so I didn’t  “get it” at that point. I’m really of the “If it ain’t broke…”  school of thought. My Dell D620 laptop (which still works by the way running XP Pro) did everything I could want but I found myself getting faster at what I was doing and then all of a sudden the poor Dell of Doom couldn’t keep up, bless it (also I got annoyed it with trying to continually set my legs on fire if I used it on my lap).  The bell tolled for the Dell. Another DJ spilled beer over the keyboard at a gig and the trackpad buttons stopped working meaning I had to use a plug in mouse all the time, which got tedious. I bit the bullet and made the choice to go over to a Mac. It meant getting all new software and learning a whole new OS of course, which was a pain but it was one of the best things I ever did in terms of the business. I got my first Macbook 4 years ago I think; a funky black one which I bought from a university friend after he upgraded to a newer version.

WOW!  It was awesome!

Even second hand it still cost more than a “good” windows laptop but it was super fast compared to my D620. It looked good, the screen was clearer and it was pretty robust…that is until it attempted to commit suicide off a 6ft speaker stack at another gig but that was my own fault…The screen of course was toast and the harddrive failed soon after but all the other internals were good! I repaired the screen myself and put a solid state harddrive (SSD) in it. The harddive dying wasn’t a massive issue as the Mac Operating System comes with “Time Machine” which backs up your entire harddrive to an external harddive if you have one (and if you have a Mac and you don’t have an external harddrive for Time Machine then you’re a bit silly!).

Apple Mac 30th Birthday 1984-2014

We see a lot of people buying Macs because they think they  look cool. Yes, for some people they are atheistically pleasing, but for us it’s the blisteringly fast processing and graphics on our iMac’s and MacBook’s which means they’ll handle anything we can throw at it.

“But you can build a windows computer for a shade of the price!” I hear some people shout.

My argument is that all my previous Windows based machines, be they the countless desktops I have built or the 3 laptops we’ve had, have massively slowed down over a couple years. I won’t bore you with the geeky in’s and out’s of why they did.  They were also susceptible to viruses and trojans even with full-on virus protection running all the time (which also slowed down the machines). Touch-wood, we’ve had none of these problems with our Macs. I just know that the Apple Mac products we have work and more importantly they work WELL. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Another benefit for us is the Calendar functions. Sure syncing devices can be done with Google but we find this so much easier. I can put a wedding meeting in the Calendar on my iPhone and it automatically add’s it to my iPad, iMac’s, MacBook’s and if I invite Emily it add’s it to her iPhone.  We use it for everything, not just the photography business.

We love our Macs. Yes they’re expensive but they’re an investment which will last a good couple of years at least. Our customers pay for and expect the best image production. We need our computers to be able to cope with whatever we throw at them and so far they have.


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