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If you didn’t already know (because I haven’t gone on about it on the Facebook page at all…) YES I’m going to ICELAND…umm TODAY! The country has been on my bucket list since I saw the epic landscape and knew I had to get to see it for myself….and if I get to tick another thing off my bucket list whilst out there (the Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights) then I will be one of the happiest people on this wonderful planet!

Once the time of year was chosen the next hard choice was what photography gear to take!

Believe me…this is a stripped back kit list (mainly due to Wow Air’s strict carry on weight limit… ready?

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• Manfrotto Veloce VII backpack (carry-on cabin size)
• Canon 6D full frame DSLR (Why VS the 5D MkIIIs we have? I’ll explain further down)
• 4x canon batteries  (It’s going to be cold…)
• Canon charger
• Fuji x100s (Why? Again see further below)
• 2x Fuji batteries
• Fuji charger
• GoPro hero 3+
• 4x GoPro batteries
• GoPro battery charger
• GoPro waterproof back (skeleton back fitted)
• 2x 32gb SD cards
• 2x 16gb SDcards

• 1x 32gb microSD card
• 2x 16gb microSD cards
• Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II
• Canon 17-40mm f4L
• Canon 15mm f/2.8 USM
• Canon 70-200mm f/4L
• Kenko x2 teleconvertor
• Travel tripod
• Timelapse timer for gopro
• GoPro suction cup mount
• GoPro stick
• ND Filter set
• Cable Remote for Canon 6D
• Microfibre cleaning cloths
• Cleaning fluid (in suitcase)

• Apple iPad3 Retina
• Sandisk connect 64gb wireless media drive with SD card reader for backing up photos (I will review this also at some point as it’s ruddy brilliant)
• iPad charger
• 3x UK to euro plug adaptors


Canon 6D vs 5D Mk III

Why take a 6D when you have 5D Mark III’s I hear a lot of people saying. I don’t put this down to ignorance but more that they haven’t used a 6D before (or they’re Canon fanboys and so like to be “the man” carrying around a 5D Mark III just for big boy bonus points from other photographers who have smaller cameras). Whatever the reason is…you’re wrong.  The reality is that the Canon 6D is a quality full-frame camera more than capable of giving similar quality photographs to it’s big brother but with the added benefit of built in GPS for geo-tagging your photographs. Why is this good? Think about going to a foreign country and then having to remember everywhere you went and then spell it correctly. My Icelandic is pretty poor. I like to know where I’ve been and where the photograph is taken. When you upload them to Flickr (or 500px) for instance it can look like THIS. Another point is that it’s a lot lighter than the 5D3 yet is still weather sealed (as are the lenses). The same 6D performed well in -7c in Lapland a couple years ago. The ISO is the same as a 5D3 and is useable up to 8000 even 10k ISO in some cases with noise reduction in post processing.  The only advantage the 5D3 has over the 6D, in my opinion is better button layout (mainly because I’m used to the 5D3 more) but mostly the autofocus on the 5D3 is well and truly superior for every other sort of photography other than landscape….and have a guess what sort of photography I’m going to be mainly doing (with the 6D) in Iceland?


Fuji X100s

wedding, travel, portrait, commercial, photographer, photography, canon, fuji, gopro, no limits The Fuji X100s in one line:

Fixed 35mm mirrorless awesomeness!

I’m still yet to do a formal blog post on welcoming this little beauty to the family and being a Fuji you’d have thought Id have done it sooner seeing as we only had Canon’s but …well…I’ve just been so busy with actual work the blogging has to take aback seat. Anyway, full review coming…umm..sometime soon…ish…maybe, no idea…

Suffice to say the Fuji X100s is an epic little mirrorless camera. Flexible, small, lightweight and amazing quality. It pretty much goes everywhere with me now.

The other kit and the lenses are all chosen because, in my opinion I will use each of it, otherwise there simply no point in lugging it a thousand odd miles.

Anyway, I’m off to stick this all in my bag and get some kit for a couple hours before the other guys arrive at mine for 5:30 so we can get to Gatwick!!

See you soon!!

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