New website in the works!

New website in the works? What’s up with your other one I hear you say? Well it seems being ridiculously busy with weddings, portraits and commercial work isn’t enough for  me!

We’re also developing this new website aimed at adding new features whilst maintaining the functionality of our current site but also keeping it clean, streamlined and on point! Not only that but I’m hopefully adding a mobile version which will enable more “fat fingered” people, like myself, to navigate the site when on their mobile devices.  I do like a challenge!  As per usual I have lots of help and guidance from Lord Aaron Esq! If you need a website building or updating/refreshing get in touch with him

New website in the works

We were due a minor re-branding to keep with the clean feel. The swirly font just wasn’t doing it for me anymore and was looking dated. The main reason for the swirly font was to show continuity when I added Emily’s name to the business logo as the old Justin Krause Photography logo was the same scripty swirly-ness but now…new site…new layout…new newness. It’s simple, easy to read and easy to transfer to multiple mediums from print to web to clothing should Emily and I need it.

If you have any ideas on the functionality of the site or any features you think we should, have leave a comment or email:



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