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photograph restoration photo old vintage black and white faded creased

We have recently added Photograph Restoration to our list of services. We haven’t really shouted about it or advertised it but have done a few in the last couple of months in-between our other core work. Feel free to show anyone you know with old photographs who’d like a quote to have them restored and re-printed/enlarged.

The first photograph restoration we took on was done just off the cuff and mainly to see if I could do it. The customer had passed the studio a few times and one day brought in some photographs for us to look at. He wanted to know if there was any way they could be enlarged and re-printed if possible. Being fairly handy at Photoshop I was confident I could help the chap out and so took on the job of restoring his two very precious, creased, folded, faded and dog-eared photographs he entrusted us with. They were shots of him as a baby with his mother and father in the top photograph and the resulting restoration is seen below. You can see the other one in the Photograph Restoration gallery here.

Bridgwater Somerset Taunton Weston-Super-Mare Burnham-on-Sea sedgemoor

 I love old photographs and the history surrounding any of them. I don’t have any grandparents anymore but Emily’s Grandfather (her Dad’s Dad) lives in Bleadon and her Grandmother (her Mum’s Mum) lives in Rotherham. I love looking at their old photographs with each of them and listening to their memories when I see them.

Just recently we were asked to provide a quote for restoring two photographs. The quotes vary from photo to photo dependant upon the condition of the photograph and whether the customer would like it in Black and White or to have them “painted” into colour which requires a lot more time on my part including researching the colours that were in fashion at the time and talking to the customer to get  a better idea of the colours and the dates the photographs were taken in order to restore them as accurately as possible.

Mary and Ernie, the owners of the following two photographs, wanted them to remain in Black & White. I asked Mary for some history on the photographs.

“The coach trip was in 1935, Ernie (Mary’s Husband, now 86 years of age) was 6 years old but not on the coach, his mother Amy Richards and his Grandmother, Elizabeth Perry, were on the coach.   Ern says the coach had solid wheels and was hired from Woodberrys of Wellington for the trip, as you can see the coach was “convertible” goodness knows how long it would have taken to get the hood up!!!!”

Bus coach charangban restoration group shot photograph photography black and white classic vintage Justin Krause Bridgwater Somerset before and after copy

“The picture of Ern on the AA bike was taken in 1953. At that time there was a control centre at Halcon Corner (Taunton) manned by a sergeant – Len Wych and three patrol men – Ernie Richards, Bill Stone and George Gains with Inspector Melhuish stationed in Street (Somerset). The patrolmen covered an area to Westonzoyland back to Curry Rivel and then back to Taunton. Throughout the winter months this was done riding a motorbike and side car but in the summer two patrol men would ride solo without the side car to enable them to navigate through the traffic, bearing in mind there was no motorway and all traffic had to come through Taunton and follow the A38 on to Devon and Cornwall. Ern also went on the A358 leading to the A303 at West Camel, to check the AA box was fully stocked. The bike was a BSA 500cc and they were all yellow.”

BSA 500cc AA Bike Automobile Association patrol bike in 1953Thankyou to Mary for her time and for providing the photographs. The bus photograph is being re-printed in 9″x6″ (a tiny bit larger than the original) and the bike photograph is being enlarged from 3″x 2″ to 6″x 4″. They’ll look great for all the family to see and treasure for years to come.

If you know of anyone who might want some photographs restoring, re-printing or enlarging please let them know about us! Email: or call: +44 (0) 7737731101.


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