Portrait Shoots | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Laura's Bump Shoot LR - Photography by Justin and Emily Somerset Bridgwater Taunton Bath Bristol Wedding portrait

Portrait Shoots | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We sometimes get asked questions when customers book portrait shoots with us.So we thought it made sense to post up some of the most common ones. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Where is your Studio?

Our studio is located in a working apple orchard outside of Bridgwater near to Cannington. The studio space is a lot bigger and open plan compared to our previous studio in Bridgwater and equipped with lighting on a hanging rail system so as to keep the light stands off the floor. Once you book, if you’r enot familiar with our location we will send you out a map.

Phipps Family 3 - Photography by Justin and Emily Krause Bridgwater Somerset photographersWhat’s your style?
For family portrait shoots we’re finding that more and more families are preferring the natural look of the Orchard for their shoots. When we do family shoots in the studio we predominantly use  a white-background to give that modern contemporary “High-Key” style to our Photographs. However, the studio shoots are limited to families of 5 only. This is due to not being able to physically fit more than 5 people on the backdrop for more than a couple poses. Outside shoots in the Orchard can accommodate far larger groups to include grandparents should you wish. For bump and baby/newborn shoots we like to keep the light subtle and shoot what’s called low-key lighting using a variety of lighting techniques. We also have a black backdrop and laminate flooring we can put down for various shoots and a graffiti wall from a talented local street artist for more fashion type work. Contact us to chat about your shoot.

Dawn's Family - Photography by Justin and Emily Krause Bridgwater Somerset photographers


We’d like to do an outdoors portrait shoot. Is this possible?
We LOVE shooting outdoors! As mentioned above more families are asking to book shoots in the orchard. We have also shot portraits in many locations from family homes and gardens, to parks, adventure playgrounds, forests, up in the hills and down on the beach; we’ll shoot anywhere you dare to dream. Some more outlandish locations for bands, solo artists and fashion shoots include derelict buildings, disused warehouses, nightclubs, cinemas, graffiti covered alleyways and overpasses. The only limitation is your imagination. Travel is at 45p/mile for portrait shoots not at the studio.

Bump and Newborn Shoots 5 days old maternity pregnancy - websmall - photography by Justin and Emily Krause - Studio in Bridgwater, Somerset UK 2 What are your Packages?
We have a range of packages from standard sittings and packages to “Party Packages” for older children, a “Bump & Baby” package and “Watch Them Grow” package for newborns through to toddlers. Please email us for our Portrait package info.

How do we book a shoot?
Booking a Shoot with us couldn’t be easier. Simply email us on contact@justinkrause.co.uk, message us through our Facebook Page or send us a chat message on the chat app you can see bottom right on this page.

How long will the shoot take?
Family shoots are booked in 1 hour slots and usually last for 45 minutes to an hour.

Newborn shoots are booked separately to regular portrait shoots as they require a lot more time and preparation usually. They can last anywhere from an hour to 3 hours depending on the baby and how often they might need feeding or comforting. For these shoots we make the studio really warm and play lullabies or calming sounds to help the newborn as it can be easier if they’re asleep for some of the photographs. We have even caught a couple of the dads dozing off in the warmth and lullabies! And YES, if your baby has an older sibling you would like in the photos with your newborn please bring them along. Like the regular shoots, a maximum of 5 people.

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What Payment methods do you accept?
For your ease we have a few payment options. In the studio we can accept cash or direct bank transfers. After your shoot we can accept cash in the studio, take payments via direct bank transfer or accept Paypal. We also have had to start taking £10.00 deposits for standard shoots due to some customers calling and cancelling late or not showing up at all in a couple cases (read more here).

What should we wear to our portrait shoot?
This might be easy for some people but there are some things to consider when deciding what to wear for your Photo Shoot. For example: Is there a theme? Or are you being colour coordinated with other people/family members?

Because our inside studio family shoots are shot on a white backdrop, giving you that modern, “High-Key” style, we highly recommend bold/rich colours. The reason being is that it gives more of a contrast with the backdrop. Black clothing or denim jeans and a plain (not white) t-shirt also look good. Patterns are generally a ‘No-No’ unless it’s individual shots. This rule generally applies when there are a few people in the sitting as a clash of patterns can be distracting when you see the final images – unless you’re all going for different crazy Christmas Jumpers.

A tip we’ve learnt for Children’s portrait shoots  is to bring a few of the Child’s favourite toys. This helps bring a sense of home to the studio for them and gets them settled if they’re a bit shy.  We have a few dressing up hats but feel free to bring any other props you wish to make the photos that little bit more special!

Mother and daughter - websmall - photography by Justin and Emily Krause - Studio in Bridgwater, Somerset UK

What would you like your Photographs to look like?
During our portrait shoots  we’ll mainly do relaxed and fun poses, which are a mixture of head and shoulder shots, full body, lying down, kneeling, sideways and even upside down! This casual, relaxed type of shoot is very much the style at the moment and we aim to make it as fun as possible.  However, we do get requests from customers who still prefer the traditional or formal type photographs that are mainly from the waist up including head and shoulder portraits.

Please let us know if you’d like formal/traditional Photographs before your shoot.

Also you are required to remove your shoes as the rubber or heels can pierce and mark the backdrops so don’t forget about your feet (unless shoes are a part of your outfit, in which case we need them to be clean and not have been worn when you arrive – and practice walking on your toes if it’s a set of massive heels!)


What can we bring?

Nathan Juggling - websmall - photography by Justin and Emily Krause - Studio in Bridgwater, Somerset UK You can bring anything that you would like to appear in the shots. For example, we had a family ask if they could wear something or have props in the photos that showed something about each of them; One of the family was in to Kick Boxing so wore her full gear in a few of the shots, including some action shots. One of the lads is a trucker so wore his hi-vis vest, sunglasses and had his all-important Yorkie Chocolate Bar. The other son can be seen to the left…juggling!

Bring any prop you like, as long as it is portable…..if you car is your favourite possession unfortunately we can’t quite fit those in the studio, however, we do have specialised automotive location shoots, just like a magazine feature for your pride and joy.

As we said above bringing your child’s favourite toy/s can help to make them and you feel more settled with the added bonus of bringing back great memories when they look back in many years.

Is your shoot for a Particular Occasion?

We can cater for any occasions, any themes. Hobbies, sports, engagements, pre-wedding, carnival, BIG Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Diwali, Hanukkah or Halloween – in fact any Religious Events or occasions!

If you have any other questions then please do not hesitate to email, call or skype us at “justinkrause.photography”

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