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Whether you love them or hate them you can’t deny they’re here to stay. For us they’re an amazing way of connecting with YOU, our clients! We can instantly find out if you like something or if you’d like to see more of something.

You can find us on all of these social networking sites… get liking, following, tweeting, pinning, sharing, linking, G…err…plus/+’ing… (really?… Google didn’t think too hard about that did they?  Actually, come to think of it they probably invested millions of dollars for a think-tank to come up with it!  Anyway, I digress.)

FIND US !!  And if you’re not sure what one of those logos is for….go on, click it…Go on!  I DARE YOU!!  Be a rebel!

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That big “P” is for Pinterest and it’s becoming quite the rage!  Click, it, login with your Facebook or Twitter account and away you go! It’s awesome! Type a hobby of yours into the search window and anything you see that you like you can “repin” !   How stupendously exciting!  Other people can then find your “Pins”, see what you like and repin if they like it. NUTS!

Obviously we love all the social networking sites but for our business Facebook is by far the most popular. Twitter is hugely useful for finding out what people really think! If you’ve got opinions you’re far better off jumping on Twitter and ranting and then #hashtagging it to the N’th degree! People will find it and if they agree (or disagree) they might reply!  MADNESS I TELL YOU!

…Or we could all just go to the pub and chat like we did in the olden days (3 years ago) with the added benefit of beer.

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