Solar Eclipse 2015

Solar Eclipse 2015

On 20th March this year w UK (Somerset) based international wedding, portrait and commercial photographers, history, sun, moon, clouds, amazing, cosmic, heavenly, burrow mump, ruins, church, medieval, magicaly, mystical, e were treated to a near total solar eclipse! Whilst only 100% from the Faroe Islands, we experienced a near-total eclipse with between 83% and 97% of the sun obscured around 9:30 am. Around 8:30 am the moon began to take an increasing bite out of our sun!


Here in Somerset we were treated to clouds for the majority of the solar eclipse but it gave a chance to use the clouds to frame this cosmic occurrence. It was also misty at ground level so to get out of the haze and to help aid in the framing we headed up to Burrow Mump. This hill and historic site, sat in the middle of the Somerset Levels, overlooks Southlake Moor in the village of Burrowbridge in Somerset. It is a scheduled monument and the ruined church of St. Michael on top of the hill is a Grade II listed building (the most recent of buildings on the mump which dates back to the Roman age).

Despite the clouds we had some moments where it was visible and we were still treated to an 85% solar eclipse which was pretty awesome.

If any of these photographs grab you and you fancy it on your wall in your home or work place please email:

While solar eclipses aren’t uncommon they don’t affect the whole planet so it’s rare for a total solar eclipse to affect you, unless you go around the world chasing them! The next total solar eclipse is on March 9th, 2016 which will visible in parts of Asia and the Pacific Ocean. The next is on August 21st 2017 and will be visible across the central USA.  The next total solar eclipse, visible in the UK isn’t until 23 September 2090! It will follow a track similar to that of 11 August 1999, which I saw with my family whilst in Cornwall but have no photos that I know of.  The maximum duration in Cornwall in 2090 will be 2 minutes and 10 seconds and weirdly is the same day and month as the eclipse of 23 September 1699. So for the majority of you reading this the near total solar eclipse of last Friday was a once in a lifetime thing and one I’m glad I made the effort to experience!


First Aurora Borealis shot…!

As an add-on to this post (remotely connected I guess) was my first shot of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Last week there was a MASSIVE solar storm that gave crazy high light shows in the Poles with strengths that even reached the UK and deepest Somerset too! The aurora is VERY faint and was obscured by mist on the horizon coming up off the Bristol Channel but I’ve never seen greenish tinted mist so I’m hoping it was my first view of this natural phenomenon! It’s given me a huge boost to really get to Norway or somewhere else suitable northern to see the aurora borealis properly!

Aurora Borealis from the Quantock Hills, Somerset (17th March 2015) watermarked web

Aurora Borealis from the Quantock Hills, Somerset (17th March 2015)



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