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The results for 2015 have actually been out for some time now (6 – 8 months or so I think)  but because we’ve been so busy with all the weddings, portraits, travelling to and fro and other commercial work, last season and this season have pretty much melded together and we’ve not been able to put anything into words.

To say we did quite well at the Wedding Industry Experts Awards this year would be a bit of an understatement and one that completely blew us away.

Photographyby husband and wife duo, Justin and Emily. Based in the UK in Somerset, and available for international, destination wedding, portrait, commercial, landscape, Photographer

Most Popular Wedding Photographers in Somerset, 3rd in UK, 6th Worldwide overall at the 2015 Wedding Industry Expert Awards


It’s one thing to love what you do and another to truly believe in what you do. So much that you put your whole heart and soul into something. It’s completely something else for others to love it, to believe in you, to want to see you succeed, really support you and to share and tell their friends about what they’ve seen. Without a doubt, it’s the most humbling feeling.  

THANKYOU most, top, popular wedding photographer, bridgwater, somerset, england, UK, worldwide, international, destination  for all the support!

Through our wedding photography work we’ve met new, fantastic, people around half of the world now. We’ve spoken and networked with wedding industry suppliers and total strangers alike at meetings, on planes, trains, airport lounges, bars and beaches about what we do. We’re passionate about what we do and are striving to do more! 

We’ve had our work displayed in galleries from New York to the Lourvé in Paris!  We’ve been published in books and magazines and we’re still only doing this part time effectively.

We’ve quoted for weddings from as far as Canada to South Africa with both couples loving our work and wanting us to capture their wedding celebrations only for both the dates to change and clash with existing bookings. Of course this is a shame but it shows who we are reaching and can only hope for further such opportunities.

So until then….it’s time for us to crack on, work harder, push our boundaries and continue to share our work!

VOTES are not open for the 2016 AWARDS. PLEASE Head on over to show your support.



We’ll leave you with a few shots from our 2015 weddings.


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