St. Paul’s Carnival, Bristol (GoPro Hero3)

GoPro Hero3 Red Bull Stage Motion Skatepark Club We love St. Paul’s Carnival in Bristol! We try to go each year as we love the music, the food, the atmosphere and the different stages playing all kinds of music from roots and reggae to dubs to drum and bass and jungle.

This year we took Matilda up for the first time (she was a bit too young last year). She really loves music and dancing and when I play reggae, dub, garage or drum and bass at home she bops around laughing so wanted to take her this year. When she saw the amount of people she was quite overwhelmed but she was bopping around to the various music in no time (and she experienced Jerk Chicken for the first time and seemed to enjoy it). gopro-logo-

The GoPro we purchased was the GoPro Hero 3 White Edition (1080 HD Video and 5mp camera). It seems great! Fast and easy to use with only 2 main buttons for all functions. Dead Easy! It’s rugged and the image quality, so far, is pretty good! It’s going to suffer in low light, that’s a given but in broad daylight it’s a hoot to use and the super wide angle makes images pretty fun and quirky. I didn’t find some connection issues when connected to my macbook via the included usb lead but I formatted the transflash cards I had in the GoPro itself and now finder picks up the camera when connected.

You might have thought being the image connoisseurs that we are I would have plumped for the top of the range Black Edition with 12mp camera (I think, correct me if I’m wrong) but in all honesty I hadn’t played with many GoPro’s (infact, only one and then for only 2minutes). I didn’t know the differences (apart from the mega difference between £160 for the white and £300odd for the black) all that much and I doubt we’d use the GoPro for anything more than family related outings, the odd bit of mountain biking (when I get the chance), swimming or to document our travels so from that aspect I think it will be perfect! Judge for yourselves…

(If you’re wondering where the actual carnival photos/video is…I had a family portrait shoot in the morning so we couldn’t get up to Bristol until after 2pm.)


I must admit, it was a bit weird only taking this small camera with no settings to change or a screen to view what I had taken but this adds to the fun and let me enjoy the day with Emily and Matilda more I think. Ask anyone who we go on walks or days out with…I’m usually lagging behind taking tons of photos. The GoPro let me just walk and snap images willy-nilly. Shooting with such a wide angle was interesting to play with and then look back on to see what was actually in the shot. None of these images have been cropped at all. They were only edited very quickly to give a small amount of depth to the colours.

Matilda’s first St. Paul’s Carnival, Bristol 2014 – GoPro Hero3 from Krausey on Vimeo.

I’d like to note; regarding the GoPro watermark on the images. It’s meant purely to show that these images were all shot with one rather than with our usual Canon full-frame professional workhorses. The GoPro is now a valuable addition to our photographic arsenal but we are in no way affiliated or sponsored by them.

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