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Retro Camera Additions | Chinon CM-4s & Halina 3000

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I love old, retro, vintage (whatever you want to call them) cameras. They hark back to a time when photography was more coveted than it is today I think. What I mean is, these days anyone can take a very decent photograph on a smartphone (I know this as I took these photos in this blogpost on my iPhone 7 (haters gonna hate). And No, calm down, of course this doesn’t necessarily make everyone a “photographer”. My point is it’s MUCH more accessible these days and you don’t even have to think how to take a photo. I also like to think about what sort of “things” – subjects, people, epic historical events, these cameras might have seen (slowly drifts into daydream land…), the history they documented for their previous owners…especially some of the REALLY old ones (oldest on the blog is here, but I have some folding pocket cameras dating back to the 1890s). Continue reading »

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