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Keri & Jonny | Engagement Shoot, The Quantock Hills, Somerset

The Quantock Hills - Justin Krause Photography - Photography by Justin & Emily uk somerset destination wedding photographers I’ve definitely said this before on the blog but we are so blessed to live in such a wonderful area of the world. Even if it was for one reason alone (and there are many), The Quantock Hills are literally on our doorstep. A world renowned Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) the Quantocks are steeped in cultural history, natural beauty and distinctive character so outstanding that it’s in the nation’s interest to safeguard them. Continue reading »

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Celebrating 5 YEARS in Business! WIN A £50 Gift VOUCHER!

Happy 5th Birthday Justin krause photography

It’s the 5th BIRTHDAY of Justin Krause Photography! This Month we’re celebrating 5 years in business! TO SHOW OUR THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT WE ARE GIVING AWAY A £50 GIFT VOUCHER!! See here to enter!

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OK so 5 years might not sound a lot but in this current period of economic uncertainty a few people doubted that it would be sustainable. I’m very proud that we have not only been able to make this company work but we have grown in our photographic skills, created a style and identity that people like and recommend to others, which in turn has lead to an increased customer base and extended market reach. Thankyou all for the support!

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Wedding Photographer Fail! (Make sure your Photographer has backups!)

Ok so I know this might be classed as bad taste but I had to post this and I’m just praying that karma doesn’t come right around and bite me! I am honestly doing it as a service to show what can happen…

We’re not really sure why the bride or groom didn’t try to stop or warn the poor fella but well….they didn’t…..resulting in very badtimes.

I shall, however, turn this around and make it into a post to warn future brides & grooms about the importance of making sure their wedding photographers have back-up equipment.

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