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Join us on the Social side !

Social Networking Sites

Whether you love them or hate them you can’t deny they’re here to stay. For us they’re an amazing way of connecting with YOU, our clients! We can instantly find out if you like something or if you’d like to see more of something.

You can find us on all of these social networking sites…..so get liking, following, tweeting, pinning, sharing, linking, G…err…plus/+’ing… (really?… Google didn’t think too hard about that did they?  Actually, come to think of it they probably invested millions of dollars for a think-tank to come up with it!  Anyway, I digress.)

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Hello world…Work In Progress !

blogHello world and welcome to our first blog post on the new site.  I’m just getting used to all the new menu layouts and the ways to customise the new site so it’s very much a work in progress! Any hints or tips are happily accepted!

This is all new and lots of learning is required plus all the wedding, portrait and commercial work we have so don’t hold your breath waiting for major updates to the site! The current site http://justinkrause.co.uk is running perfectly so this is will be happening in the background whilst new blog posts will be written and posted from here the content will be added to gradually.

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