Wedding Photographer Fail! (Make sure your Photographer has backups!)

Ok so I know this might be classed as bad taste but I had to post this and I’m just praying that karma doesn’t come right around and bite me! I am honestly doing it as a service to show what can happen…

We’re not really sure why the bride or groom didn’t try to stop or warn the poor fella but well….they didn’t…..resulting in very badtimes.

I shall, however, turn this around and make it into a post to warn future brides & grooms about the importance of making sure their wedding photographers have back-up equipment.

Fair enough, we don’t expect to end up going swimming with our mega expensive camera equipment. I’m hoping that poor chap had more than 2 cameras as they both went in the drink but that being said we do plan for all eventualities in case of equipment failure (going on a riverboat, back in July for a trip with down the Avon to the SS Great Britain with a Bride and her bridal party posed a very real threat of everything sleeping with the fishes). This is why we carry spare camera body’s, lenses, flashguns, batteries and memory cards.  At a wedding the action rarely stops.  It’s continuous work and if the Dark Angel of Badluck, wielding his (or her) incredibly wallet damaging wand of Doom attempts to ruin our equipment we have backups that we don’t carry on our persons, thus letting us carry on with the wedding and assess the equipment afterwards.

Oh no, no, no watch out for that....Drat! Wedding Photographer Fail

Oh no, no, no watch out for that….Drat! Wedding Photographer Fail !

Just to total up the cost of what got wrecked:

(approximate UK 2nd hand to new prices)

In his hands (can’t see if it’s a Canon 5D3, 5D2 or any other models)
* Canon 5D Mark 2: £1000 – £2000
* Canon 6D: £1500
* Canon 5D Mark 3: £2300

* Couldn’t quite see the lens he had on the front of the camera he was shooting with but at a guess (as it’s what we use as a main wedding lens as well as our primes) he had a 24-70mm F/2.8L:  £1000-1800

* Canon 430/580/600EX Flashgun:  £200 – £450

On his shoulder with grey L-Series zoom lens
* Cameras as above cost from:  £1000 to £2300

* 70-200mm F/2.8L:  £800-£1900

TOTAL COST: between £4000 at the cheapest end & nearly £9000 at the top end! PLUS anything he had on his belt bag or in his pockets (prime lens / Spare batteries / Memory Cards etc)

…. O U C H !!! And some people wonder why professional photographers charge so much. If those prices made your jaw drop it might be obvious now. We also need to maintain it all, have it cleaned (professionally, not by dunking in the local Church font), replace/upgrade items, pay for our studio rent etc AND put food on our tables also.

I do hope that chap is OK though and that he managed to carry on with the day – for the bride and grooms sake! Some of his equipment would be weather sealed but I’m not sure how that would hold up to full submersion and I’m certainly not going to (intentionally) try it out. I know our cameras have been out in torrential rain with the weddings we’ve had in the UK, literally water dripping from them but I had faith in Canon’s weather sealing on the 5D and the L-Series lenses.

If that was us the embarrassment wouldn’t even come into it. I’d have stopped messing around in the water feature, run to the car whilst pulling the memory cards from the camera to dry them then grabbed the spare camera setup. The photography wouldn’t have stopped as Emily would have been outside waiting for the Bride and Groom to come out from the church.

Remember this post when booking your wedding photographers. Do they have spares in case of emergencies?

Canvas print Wedding. Photography by Justin & Emily Krause 1

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