Wellity Kids…..the badge of a healthy lifestyle.

International Commercial marketing brand photographer With being so busy and pretty much non-stop over the last …I don’t know….48 months, I might have completely forgotten to mention on here that one of the brands I did some commercial photography work with and who I’ve been championing since meeting them, have been having an incredible few months spreading the awareness for healthy kids and childhood obesity. They’ve gained celebrity support and have been winning nominations, awards and ambassadorships for their work!  The shoot with them back in the spring of last year was amazing fun back and I can’t wait to hook up with them soon to see what’s in store next!

They grabbed the front cover and a great article in the Devon Chamber of Commerce magazine for November/December 2017  and also had a great article in FlyBe‘s in-flight magazine for December – all using the photos I shot with them back in the spring. Seriously, these guys are ace! If you’re on Instagram give them a follow!

Who is Wellity?

A fitness apparel and accessories brand online retailer.


Wellity ….. the badge of a healthy lifestyle. Wear it with pride.


Wellity was was originally started by three Devon school children aged 10,11&12 at the time – Molly, Joe and Phoebe in a Summer holiday. They believed that children should be better informed about the importance of health and fitness and with their energy (and the help of some good photos I like to think) the brand immediately took off, far quicker than anyone could imagine. The core values of wellness and vitality seemed to resonate far more than just a fashion label. The demand grew too big for their dining room, adults got involved and now Wellity is the activewear brand of choice for those people who not only want to look good but who also value their nutrition, health and wellness. Their inner core so to speak.

Molly, Joe and Phoebe are Ambassadors for Young Enterprise, Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Smart, The Great British Sports Show, South West Youth Games aswell as speaking at many other events. Wellity …. because healthy looks different on every body.

Learn more at http://wellity.co.uk


The Shoot

With the shoot, my aim, aswell as shooting the clothing, was really to focus on the fact that these guys are KIDS….so I wanted it to be fun and importantly, it had to show and give that vibe in the photos. Molly, Joe and Phoebe aren’t professional models so to go in right away with a strict time frame and vogue poses wasn’t ever going to work. We started out just by throwing a ball around and having a laugh, getting the guys relaxed and me grabbing some shots along the way.  I set aside a decent 3 hours for the shoot, nothing was rushed and we nailed it with everyone happy with the results.  A BIG thanks must go out to the guys at Crossfit Pi in Woodbury, near Exeter for the use of their gym!

I hope you enjoy looking through some of the other shots from the shoot and if you have a start-up or business that requires promotional or product photography please feel free to get in touch for a quote! contact@justinkrause.co.uk

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